THE FOUNDER AND PARTNER of ecole internationale REMINISCES……………………


The city of Kandy attracts many foreigners and some of them decide to stay here for longer periods. In 1980s, some of them who had heard of my experience in the field of education  in US, UK and Sri Lanka, rallied around me  and urged me to start a school for their children. Thus, Lady Gordon’s Drive, Kandy saw the birth of “ecole internationale” with just 8 children. Quickly the numbers grew; with a few dedicated staff members assisting me. By the year 1990 the school in Kandy was fast expanding. At this time, the miraculous opportunity was thrown at me to take over the school that was built for the children of expatriates in the Digana Village, which I promptly made use of.

Today, anyone who visits Digana village will see the dream of “ecole” in its full splendor. No other international school in Kandy or elsewhere can boast of the beautiful environment which ecole has.

I am so proud that many of my students have graduated from very prestigious universities around the world; this is my greatest pride and joy.

 I am so content and so confident that my brother, with the able members of the staff will continue their efforts to make my dream a reality.

Mr. Chandre Monerawela


I have this wonderful opportunity to guide the destinies of this great school to greater heights.

This is possible with the help of a vibrant group of staff comprising of  Lt. Col. S.K.B. Weerakoon, Mr. R.M.B.P Embogama, Mrs. Thamara Peramune, and Mrs. Shaafinaz Samhoon along with my other dedicated members of staff to achieve the great dream of my sister.

“ecole” is one of the oldest international schools in the island. We offer our students a high quality education along with opportunities for various extra-curricular and co-curricular activities which help them to develop a balanced personality.

The prime feature of a holistic education is foremost in our mind. At ecole, the students have the ideal environment for social interaction, practical implementation of theoretical knowledge, and development of a sense of self-belief and confidence.


Mr. Malik Monerawela



Mr. Kahal Monerawela



Lt. Col. S.K.B.Weerakoon


Mr.R.M.B.P. Embogama





Mrs. Thamara Peramune

Head, National Curriculum, DIGANA 

Mrs. fonseka.jpg


To rise above all other international schools and offer the highest quality and excellence in education. To be the light that leads our students to the true source of power:  the inculcation of respect, loyalty and fidelity to one’s conviction.


With the help of our management and staff we will provide our students with the necessary skills and knowledge to take up leadership wherever they are in the future. Our students are always reminded of the fruits of their hard work, dedication and commitment to become disciplined and intelligent individuals who can face new challenges with strength and courage in life. 

Mrs. Kumuduni Fonseka

Coordinator, National Curriculum, KANDY

Mrs. Shafinaz Samhoon

Deputy Principal & Coordinator, Edexcel, KANDY