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Montessori – Grade 10

Extra Study Classes are available after school free of charge, in all subjects




Junior Eastern Music Group of ecole internationale won 1st place in the All_Island School Music Competition – 2019
The Senior Eastern Music Group of ecole internationale participated in the All-Island School Eastern Music Competition 2019
Sinhala and Tamil New Year at ecole, Lady Gordon's Drive 2019
Chess Tournament during holidays - ecolians win many Awards and certificates. More Pictures

Ecole Internationale

Digana Village

Digana, Kandy

Sri Lanka

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Ecole Badminton team victorious!
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A combined Cricket team comprising  ecole internationale, Gateway College and Greenhill International has just returned to the island after a very successful tour of Bangalore, India. They played against Karnataka Institute of Cricket and Bangalore team and won the series. In the match against Star Cricketers of Bangalore on 15th Saturday, 2018, ecole players Chanuth Manage and Gihan Sirisena scored  84 (not out) and 59 (not out) respectively.Please await further information. We shall add more to this story as soon as they are available. More Pics..




It was in the year 1980, the birth of ecole internationale took place at Lady Gordon’s Drive in Kandy. A handful of foreign students were so lucky to be present in this happy occasion. Slowly but steadily the numbers grew. To accommodate this increase of students both local and foreign, we had to move to another location in Digana in 1991. Still our infant location in Kandy remained to house our Primary School.

Our primary education is a unique blend of both British and American education. At higher levels our focus is towards the London curriculum embracing the Edexcel IGSCE, AS and A2 qualifications.

Our students receive a quality education. We always endeavor to maintain high standards in the curricular as well as the extracurricular activities. This is the secret that made ecole to produce many World Prize Winners. Hundreds of our students are scattered all over the world after entering the portals of a number of prestigious Universities including Oxford, Cambridge, Princeton, Harvard, London School Of Economics, etc.

We can boast of many quality facilities provided to our students. This includes well equipped laboratories, a modern computer lab with internet access, multimedia accessories and up-to-date reference library. While emphasizing academic excellence, our sports facilities include swimming, basketball, netball, tennis, rugby, cricket, badminton and we even have ventured into “karate”, “yoga”, “taekwondo”, etc. we can boast of a large playground and a gymnasium which facilitates indoor sports. We have hired the best coaches for tennis, cricket, and rugby.

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